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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 11, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> thanks very much. this is "studio b." reaction is pouring in from around the globe as the head of the catholic church pope benedict, plans to step down. the first time a pope has resigned in self new jersey. >> a gunman opening fire inside a courthouse in delware. his estranged wife may be among the dead. a manhunt for an ex-cop accused of targeting police and their families. now the los angeles police have offered a seven-figure reward to information leading to his capture. all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything, on "studio b." >> first from fox's 3:00, bombshell ai knowns. which the world has not seen since 1415. pope benedict xvi saying he is
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stepping down. a move that took even his closest advisers by surprise and sets the stage for a new era in the catholic church and its bun billion catholics around the world. the 85-year-old pontiff says he doesn't have the strength to continue his duties in the church and will step down at the opened the month. his -- some cardinals not understanding what he said. we're seeing the same reaction from catholics all over the world, including here in the united states, the new york archbishop said he was startled. >> every catholic feels close to the pope. we call him our holy father. it's like watching your own dad get old and admit he is not up to all the duties of being the head of a family. >> the vatican stressing there's no specific medical condition that led to the resignation but
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the pope's advancing age. he has cut up to on his travel and moves down the aisle on a moving platform, sometimes using a cane. when he was elected nearly eight years after, benedict became the oldest pope chosen in 300 years. we have live coverage from rome. reporter: greg, this was a shock because it simply is not done. it's something that can be don't and pope benedict xvi had alluded to some friends he might resign at some point if he felt he couldn't happen the job. -- couldn't handle the job. as you mentioned, this was something that didn't happen on twitter, and the 85-year-old pontiff has begun tweeting which was a joy for many people because he is renowned for his
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intellect. but the announcement was made today. some catholics have said they're actually feeling let down. others have said they believe that he has wonderful courage to do what he felt was the right thing to do because the position requires not only so much physical movement, but the church has faced so many challenges in recent times, with the sex abuse scandals, and other major events having to do with progress and keeping the church's flock healthy and full. the position, very hard act to follow after the predecessor, a globe-trotting predecessor, pope john paul ii, but pope benedict rose to the occasion, tacking trips to cube barks the united states, europe, the middle east, he really got around and got his message out, and he was very fond of keeping. he is a teacher, an intellectual
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so he tried to get his message to as many people as possible, from the very young to the very old. this last day in office will be february 28th. then there will be a conclave of cardinals and it's expected that position will be in the position in time to conduct an easter service. greg? >> amy kellogg, live in rom. at catholics the world over react to this news, some are already looking at the legacy pope benedict will leave behind. most in the church view the pontiff as a conservative. not in favor of vary men reforms. he'll also be remembered as the church's leader during the child bows scandal that rocked the world. he apologized for the years of decades by priest, even meeting with the victims. >> joining us now with analysis, former fox news correspondent and now the vatican senior
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communications advisor, greg burk. there's about a three-second delay between our communications. so he was already 78 years old when he was selected as pope. and the conclave knew he was in poor health back then. he had a stroke in 1991. so was pope benedict intended to be an interim pope, to serve a short while, and if so, why? >> well, greg, i think you're right. i think a lot of people considered that when he was elected. 78 was some 20 years older than john paul ii had been when he was elected. so, certainly i think the cardinals were thinking interim, but they were thinking above all continuity, pope benedict had been so close and such an important part of the john paul ii papacy, it seemed like a almost cal move on, and
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certainly the pope from his point of view, he now finally gets to do what he wanted to do for a long time. he asked john paul ii years before if he could retire and go back to his books and study. and john paul ii wanted him in rome. little did he know after john paul died he would be elected pope. that's been his exterior. he said, yes. he was faithful to the pope on that and faithful to the cardinals when they chose him as pope. >> the executive vice-president at fox, wrote an op-ed, and let me quote the beginning. he never had chance. from the moment he appeared on the balcony of st. peters to greet the featherful. ben ticket xvi faced insurmountable problems. he was not john paul ii. john paul was such an immense figure. is that a fair point mr. moody is making?
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>> well, i think it is a fair point. i have nothing but the greatest admiration for john, and i think pope benedict knew that. what comes through about pope benedict is the humility in one interview he gave, long book interview, where he mentioned the possibility of resigning but he said i'm convinced there are great popes and small popes, and he was talking about john paul ii as a great pope, and himself as small pope, which is also strange because he is obviously a great intellectual. but he knew he didn't have either the energy or, if you will, the pizazz of john paul ii, the media satisfy iy. but what he wad was very genuine. he is a month in love with god, and a very humble one. i noticed on the trip to the u.s., and you see the stadium filled, and john paul would enjoy those as much as an actor
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enjoys a big crowd, and benedict was a little bit almost embarrassed. but there was something beautiful and endear about that. >> there were missteps and miscues along the way. one of his first big speeches? germany, talk about islam, and that triggered a backlash and eventual paul from the vatican. what -- was his papacy overshadowed or damage bid this priest child sex abuse scandals ands to that tarnish his legacy? >> i don't think so. time will tell. you have to see that he came in at a very difficult time. i think you can certainly make the argument, the speech in germany was a one off. he certainly did have a serious question about islam and violence and how it came off in that speech was probably not the right way, and he would be the first to admit it, and there were other problems there as
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well. in terms of the sex abuse and scandals facing the church, you can certainly make the argument that there's no one who did more to confront them. certainly john paul had a great reputation, but much of it for his globe-trotting, but in terms of getting down to brass tacks and facing real problems, benedict has a very strong record, and history will show that. >> he has shaped or molded the college of cardinals to a great extent over the years. and that is the unit that will choose his successor. so, will pope benedict, therefore, have an instrumental role in the selection? >> i don't think he will. obviously all the cardinals, all the voting cardinals, were chosen either by john paul ii or pope benedict. in that sense he will have a role, choosing your own successor in a very wide sense. but he won't take part in the
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conclave himself, and i think he will probably try to stay as far out of it as he can. leave it to the cardinals, and above all, leave it to the holy spirit. it was interested what he said today. it's clear he made this decision after much prayer and examination of conscience. he feels very peaceful with his decision. >> greg burke, live in romement thank you for your insight. we're going to have more ahead on the sudden announcement from pope benedict xvi. we'll get reaction from catholics around the world. a look at scandals during his time at pontiff, and a preview of what's ahead as the church looks for a new pope. all coming up. >> first, we're awaiting an update from a police deadly shooting inside a courthouse today. it happened this morning in loomington, delware. police say three people died in the shooting, including the
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gunman. two officers were wounded, according to the mayor, the shooter estranged wife was among the dead but police have not confirmed that. sources tell our fox station, wtxf in philadelphia, the shooter father out on parole and was set to appear at a child support hearing today. let's go now to the police news conference for details. >> the identifications of the victims will be released pending the positive identification made by the medical examiner's office and proper notification to the next of kin. so we do not have a time on that yet. but we won't release that -- we will release that when it is available. roadway closures. i have some roadway closures. they continue to be closed. they'll open up at the conclusion of the investigation. i don't have a time for that
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yet. fourth street from what nut to market continues to be chosed, and c street from 11th to fourth street continues to be closed. also, at this time we ask any witnesses that may have left the courthouse during the initial incident, they have left and not contacted anybody, to contact the number i'm about to give you: 302-834-2620. extension zero. one more time. 302-83 42620, extension 0. >> this time i would like to turn over to the attorney general, beau biden, for some comment. >> thank you, sergeant. first and foremost our hearts and prayers go out to the victims in the shootings in the city of wilmington courthouse this morning. there's three points i'd like to make. number one, this was not in the
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sergeant's -- this was not, i reiterate, not a random act of violence. preliminarily this was a result of a custody dispute that has lasted in our court system for sever years. there's an ongoing investigation. as we speak there are investigators around the state investigating this, what happened. and so i hope you can bear with us -- >> three people are dead inside this course in delware. breaking news today. the gunman among the dead, and perhaps his estranged wife. we'll get a live report'm in a moment. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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about a plan that meets your needs. so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here. back now to that developing story in wilmington, delware. three people are dead in a shooting at a courthouse there including the gunman and perhaps his estranged wife, all of this arising out of a child custody battle. steve is live in wilmington. how did the shooting begin?
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reporter: well, it all happened after 8:00 this morning, greg. inside the new castle county courthouse here in wilmington, delware. a man broke in and opened fire aft a security check point. it was before anybody had gone through. he fire on two women, killing both of them, and then he himself was shot and killed. it's unclear whether he killed himself or killed by police. it was a targeted shooting according to police. the i'd diz are not being released but there were sheer moments of terror for the people inside the building at the time. listen. >> they started yelling, get down, get back, put us in a tight hallway. we were in there for half an hour. >> like, okay, this can't be happening in the courthouse, but it is happening at the courthouse. >> and police were injured. they did not suffer life-threatening injuries and
12:20 pm
being credited with keeping this shooting from being much worse. >> we can see behind you the news conference is just ending. anything about a motive? >> the police know who he is. there's confusion whether it's the father of the man involved in the custody dispute or the father of the father who did the actual shooting. so they're investigating. as you heard bow biden say, the son the vice-president. he said this is a custody dispute that lasted several years in the court. >> steve, live in wilmington, delware. thanks very much. let's move now to mississippi. the governor there says the toward alert system likely saved lat of lives as a violent twister ripped across the town
12:21 pm
of hattiesburg. he said sirens gave people as much as 30 minutes warping but the tornado left much of the area in shamels. >> houses getting attorney up. people's lives being destroyed right now. >> as many as 200 homes damaged or destroyed. dozens of people reported injured. but we're told everybody made it out alive. we are live. jonathan, much of the damage occurred at southern mississippi university. what it like there? reporter: on the southern miss campus right now. behind me, this building houses the alumni association. you can see the heavy damage, especially to the top floor. based on what the national weather service has observed, based on their preliminary findings, the statement this was on ef3 tornado, packing winds
12:22 pm
around 140-miles-an-hour. but there are no reports of anyone being injured on campus, and, progress, that may have a lot to do with the fact that a lot of the students were away for mardi gras. as far as the state of mississippi, a total of 63 people treated at area hospitals. many of them have already been released. and, again, officials are saying it was that advance warning that most likely saved lives in this particular tornado. >> thank good nose for the radar picture and the warning systems. a huge manhunt across three states and a $1 million reward. but still no sign of the accused kill are, chris dorner. the latest on that search coming up next.
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welcome back. officials are offering a million dollar reward for help finding a los angeles ex-cop, accused in a killing rampage. the manhunt for christopher dorner began more than a week ago in california after officials say he shot and killed college basketball coach monica quan and her fiancee. she is the daughter of the retired lapd captain who represented dorner in a review that led to his dismissal from the police force. investigators say dorner also ambushed two officers in riverside, killing one, seriously injuring the other. they believe that dorner is out for revenge. in a lengthy facebook posting, so-called manifesto, the ex-cop and former u.s. navy reservist calls out people he blames for ending his career with the lapd. officials are protecting the families of those on his supposed hit list, but until they track dorner down, there's fear that none of them can be safe. >> william is live from lapd
12:27 pm
headquarters. william, police held a briefing an our ago. what did we learn? reporter: well, we learned that they're hoping that with this price on his head and a posse on his tail, that christopher dorner is going to make a mistake or someone will drop a dime on this rogue cop wanted for murder. some video here was released of the weekend, shows dorner undergoing police academy training in 2005. now, the city and private donors raised a million dollar reward saturday, lead for informing leading to the arrest and capture and conviction of dorner, calling him a domestic terrorist. lapd says that huge reward sends a message that criminals cannot target law enforcement for vengeance. a joint fbi, log police, and u.s. marshals task force, is going to handle the calls and coordinate response in the dorner case. >> we have to prioritize.
12:28 pm
obviously 600 clues is a lot of information to sort through. so the investigation, we'll prioritize those clues based on information we received, and those clues will be followed up on immediately. reporter: after initially taking a really hard line on this, the city now says it's going to re-open the case that led to dorner's dismissal. number one to show the city that the dismissal was fair and impartial. and also, greg, to show dorner, who is watching tv, they believe, they're listening to his concerns and that's something he mention. >> what's going on in the search of the mountains, the big bear ski resort, where investigators found dorner's pickup truck? reporter: well, that goes back to thursday. so police have begun to scale back. today about 30 deputies and officers headed back up into the mountains to look at a few remaining cabins high up in the elevation. so at this point, police have no reason to believe he is still there. however, they said they're not going to quit until every
12:29 pm
residence is checked. riverside police lee leased a photo of 34-year-old officer michael crane, killed in an ambush by dorner. a former marine, had two tours in the middle east. he leaves behind a wife and two children, boy, ten years old, girl, four years old and later we expect the d.a. in riverside county to file murder charges against dorner. right now they have no include exactly where he is, but we have 600 leads to track down and maybe 150 detectives. >> william, thanks for much. let's turn now to terry, the former deputy assistant direct of the fbi's counterterrorism position. as we mentioned, dorner's burning pickup truck found 100 miles east of los angeles, a mountainous ski resort area of big bear. does that make it tough to track him down? does it give him an advantage? does his training give him some
12:30 pm
skills? >> agreeing, -- greg, it's very difficult to conduct searches in the wilderness. we have had experience with this before, and these teams have trained in this terrain, probably even in the san bernardino mountains. but think about it. if you have been out in the wilderness and the woods on hiking trails 0, old logging roads, you don't know what is around the corner. when you come across abandoned logging equipment or fire equipment or something, you have to look at it, you have to check it out. of you come across an abandoned car, you can have all the arms and all the people with you that you want, all the tracking dogs, but somebody has to check that out and look in the window. albeit cautiously. this is the normal type of thing you want to do but we've done it. we searched for the olympic bomber for well over a year in the national forest. so law enforcement is prepared to do this, and i think given the challenges they're really doing a good job.
12:31 pm
>> rudolph wag on the ruin for five years, unibomber at large for the better part of 17 years. what do you make -- speak though "unabomber," what do you make of dorner's manifesto which names names and a hit list. do you see anger, paranoia? >> you see anger, somebody very well-educated and accomplished, somebody who is highly intelligence, and somebody who is extremely angry and he is out of control. the "unabomber" was in control. the "unabomber" selected specific targets. as you just mentioned, was active for 17 years. so he was in control of what he is doing. mr. dorner is no longer in control. he is out to use the very training he acquired, and to go after the very people he used to work next to. >> the one million dollar reward. how vital is that in motivating the public, not to mention
12:32 pm
widespread media attention? reporter: well, the one million dollar reward is important because it gets the public's attention in other cases sometimes the people didn't know about the reward and called anyway if they saw something important. in this instance i think again the police department is doing a great job by going to the public through the media, giving the right kind of information to focus the public's attention on what they have to know to try to end this, and end it sooner rather than later. >> terry was on the "unabomber" case and the olympic park bombing case. thank you so much. good to see you. >> you're william. the shield abuse scandal wasn't the only controversy pope benedict faced there were also those embarrassing leaks. we'll take a look back just ahead. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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>> pope benedict's resignation today has rocked a series of church scandals dating back into the headlines and critics previously urged the pope to step down as more cases cases od sex abuse among priests and other church leaders came to life in 2008 the pontiff met with families of victims in 2008. some say the pope did not go far enough to make sure the crimes would never again happen. last year a court convicted the pope's butler for leaking
12:37 pm
documents that pointed to corruption in the vatican's financial dealings. fox coverage throughout the hour. first to greg, analysts say the child sex abuse scandal cost the church some followers. there is some truth to that? reporter: well, greg, what is interesting is pope benedict xvi took on the job as a conservative theologian and re-affirming traditional values, and he had to deal with a lot of modern-day issues and absolutely the section abuse scandal has to be the most sweeping and difficult. allegations of coverup involving the clergy. very tricky because they had to deal with charges hen way was a cardinal, and then as a pope. despite the critics, there are those who talk about the public apology, and more preventive
12:38 pm
measures to keep this from happening again. some would have like to seed culpable clergy taken out of position that are still there. >> how did the pose address the scandal surrounding his own butler? >> that was another difficult episode for pope benedict xvi. it involved this butler of some six years, taking a thousand documents of his private quarters and leaking them to a reporter. he wanted to illustrate what he alleged was corruption in business dealings within the vatican. there's question whether the pope was aware of that or kept in the dark. he was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail. this past christmas the pope pardoned him, getting him a job at the hospital at the vatican. def defenders say the compassion of pope benedict xvi, a man usually called tough and uncomprimising. >> greg, thank you. here in the united states, many religious leaders say today's announcement came as a big
12:39 pm
surprise. in fact both the archbishops of number and washington, dc said they were, quote, startled. with the head of the catholic nations, added the church faces a kind of challenge it has not seen in hundreds of years. >> the first time in modern history that we have had a pope resign. how do we work with all of that? and how do we face the reality now of moving on in a new situation, where we will have a italian pope. >> the vatican report catholics make up roughly 17.5% of the population, a number that has remained fairly steady in recent years. king fox coverage continues with jonathan hunt. jonathan, this seems like general quinn shock across the
12:40 pm
catholic world. reporter: the initial reaction was certainly one of shock among all quarters, even at the highest levels of the catholic church, it seems, despite that fact that pope benedict xvi had been considering this decision for some time. there was no indication of it. that is why it caught everybody so much by surprise. but after a little while it appears that many people have more of a sense of understanding of why he made this decision. among those, cardinal dolan here in new york. listen. >> my affection for him, my admiration for pope benedict xvi continues to skyrocket. it was already high. but i love him so much. as a brother bishop, -- shop of rome who appoint met to the archdiocese in new york, and to the holy father who made my a cardinal, and i just always admired him as a scholar, a
12:41 pm
priest, and a holy man, and now the admiration for him is even higher. reporter: the white house also released a statement in president obama's name in which the president said in part, quote, michelle and i warmly remember our meeting with the holy father in 2009, and i have appreciated our work together over these last four years. the church plays a critical role in the united states and the world, and i wish the best to those who will soon gary to choose his holies in, pope benedict xvi's successor. the british prime minister pope of his donary's affection for the pope. and the french president called the decision courageous, and appears that is a growing view among many in the catholic world, that while this is now a time of some trepidation as they award a successor being appointed. this was in the end a very personal decision by pope benedict xvi and in the eyes of
12:42 pm
many, absolutely the right one. greg? >> jonathan hunt, thanks very much. we showed you a comment by thary. -- shop of washington, dc. he will be a guest this evening on special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the big question for a billion catholics today, who will be the next pope? we're going to take a look at the front runners in the process for choosing a new pope, coming up next. >> the former lapd officer who is the focus of a massive manhunt lost this job for lying. now the top cop in los angeles is ordering another look at the investigation that ended in chris dorner's firing.
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>> the ex-cop suspected in a series of revenge kills last week appears to have a vendetta against the lapd for firing him back in 2008, for lying. he lost his badge after a
12:46 pm
disciplinary review board found that christopher dorner guilty of making false statements when he accused a fellow officer of kicking a man in the face. he claim the lapd was punishing him for coming forward, and now los angeles police are re-opening the case that led to dorner's dismissal. joining us now, judge andrew napolitano. witnesses and evidence never match the story that dorner gave. he made these false accusations, a day after the trainer gave him a bad review. so the story never seemed to make sense. >> the trainer, the female police officers who was his trainer, is a person who accompanied him to arrest this mentally ill person, and he claimed a long time afterwards that she kicked the mentally ill guy in the head. the mentally ill guy testified she did. the disciplinary review board, a
12:47 pm
district court judge, trial judge, and appellate court all found -- >> why are we looking at it again? >> the only reason i can speculate, they really want to bring this guy in and may be sending messages to him to induce him to come in. if they can get him to calm down a little bit. falsely engender the belief in him maybe he will have another trial. probably going to be tried for murder first if he comes out alive. he might turn himself in. but as for the law about re-opening, it's too late. too little too late. this is a closed case. he was tried fairly, and the trial was challenged and the outcome was upheld on appeal. >> i wonder if there's another aspect of it. the lapd was ripe with corruption, false testimony by officers putting people behind bars. lots of lost confidence in los
12:48 pm
angeles over the police department back then. maybe this chief, a different chief, is trying to prevent that from happening again. >> it could be. normally this is not a case appropriate to re-open under the procedural history or under the law, but in this case, where this guy, on the screen, the ex-cop, has been accused of killing people in a vendetta, perhaps leading him to believe it's going to be opened again, leading the public to believe it's going to be opened again, will help with the public perception of this. they have a serious issue on their hands. they hope to find him alive. they hope not to kill him. they hope to try him so the facts will come out. >> judge napolitano, pleasure to see you. >> the pope's surprise decision to resign a already has folks talking about his possible replace: watchers are pulling out the same four names as likely successors and there are some long shots, including one well-known american.
12:49 pm
trace, who are the leading candidates here? >> well nexts will say there are no leading candidates because the cardinals cannot campaign. but the names that keep coming up again and again, peter cardinal from ghana, the first black pope. he is 63 years old, said to be very conservative. he was asked if it's time for a black pope. he responded, why not? and then there's cardinal from canada. former archbishop of quebec. he is very conservative. from italy, cardinal scolis. 70 years old, called an intellectual heavyweight. said to be qualified. and the fourth name from italy is angelo cardinal bonasco, 69 years old, very savvy in politic s and media. fox executive who covered the
12:50 pm
vatican says the church will go younger. >> the church when it eelectricities popes has a history of going long pope, short pope, long pope, short pope, obviously when they reached out to elect john paul 2in' it was after john paul 1 was pope a short time. they might want somebody more rust. >> in the past 100 years, there have been five italian popes. what about the possibility, trace, of an american pope? >> well, clearly timothy cardinal dolan is the most powerful chock in the country, not just because he is the archbishop of the new york archdiocese but because he is the president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops but he has knocked town the possibility of him becoming pope, but others say, don't rule him out. listen.
12:51 pm
>> would rather have the pope from somewhere else, but it's possible he would be elect. he would fit the bill as far as being youthful, energetic and able to communicate in a dynamic way. >> dolan is 63 years old. he was elevated to the college of cardinals in 2009. >> the personality and seems to be quite beloved quickly here in new york. trace, thanks very much. >> a woman in arizona reveals more about her tumultuous relationship with her ex-boyfriend. that ex now dead. the woman says she killed him for her own safety. that's next. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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more dramatic testimony today from the woman in arizona
12:55 pm
who says she killed her ex-boyfriend at his home. well, today in court she spoke more about the abuse she claimed she suffered in that relationship. remember, prosecutors say that jody arias killed travis alexander in 2008 because she was jealous he was planning a trip with another woman. the suspect initially denied knowing anything about her ex-boyfriend's death, and she blamed the murder or masked intruders. now jody says that her ex had attacked her and she killed him to save her own life. here's more. what is areas saying today? reporter: she has been going over in great detail how she says her, boyfriend controlled her sex life. and he said he sent her clothing that said, travis alexander, in the possesssive. the message he belonged to her. even though she lived in california, and he in arizona. she claims he did not like some of her friendships with other men. it also -- arias appeared to get
12:56 pm
choked up hundred her turn put this photo up in court of. he mentioned it appeared they were affectionate toward each other. >> was that the way it was throughout the entire trip? >> that trip, we acted that way but it was a pretense. >> what do you mean, pretense? >> i found out at that point he was cheating on me. >> and areas testified she found out he was her because she took his phone while he was asleep. >> sounds like the dead ex-boyfriend is being put on trial here. right? reporter: there seems to be an effort by her defense team to define travis alexander to the jury, to present him as a controlling and jealous man, who cheated on his girlfriend. arias testified she did not want to upset him.
12:57 pm
take a listen. >> when i tried to talk to him about it, he blew up and got very defensive. he didn't let me accuse him of anything. so kind of a red flag. reporter: at times the courtroom camera cutting away to travis alexander's family. they can be seen shaking their head slightly when arias testified about sparing him and how he behaved with her. we still have the cross-examination, and redirect so this could go a few days. >> she's told so many lies. that cross-examination, where do you begin? >> a lot of versions, yes. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back.
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